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Helicopter Parenting; Why and How to Avoid

In the 1990’s child development researchers Foster Cline and Jim Fay came up with the term “Helicopter Parenting” for those parents who would hover over a child in such ways that counters the parent’s responsibility to raise a child to be independent. These kind of parents make it a habit to be there for their children at all times looking into the most minutest details of a child’s daily routine to such an extent that it actually makes the child completely dependent, unsure of taking any decision independently. These types of parents are ones who would complain to teachers about their child’s grades or how they would want them to be treated so on and so forth.

Every parent wants his/her child to grow in a secured environment and reach their potential. However, it is very important to set rules, set expectations and routines for overall balance and intellectual growth. In order to make a child independent , respectful and responsible who will mature into an effective, capable and accomplished adult one needs to help the child learn how to handle increased responsibilities and freedom.

As a toddler a parent needs to support the child in every step while the child takes his/her first baby steps. However, even a small child displays resilience and tries to walk after failing the first few times. It is nature instilled in humans to be independent. However, over protective behavior of parents often damages this ability making them weak as adults. As parents we need to set boundaries and let them slowly take charge of their lives while making sure they remain secured and cared for.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena