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Helpful Bacteria to Boost Environmental Growth

The scientists have found new bacteria that are beneficial for the environment. The scientists have found these bacteria in coastal marine waters worldwide. The study has shown that these newly found bacteria have the ability to do primary production without the presence of sunlight. Not only this, the specialty of these bacteria is that they only use the energy stored in chemical bonds.

The scientists said that chemosynthetic symbionts of marine lucinid’s nematode worms can fix nitrogen. Nitrogen is known as a limiting nutrient in the ocean. The scientists have suggested that these bacteria may help to fertilize growth in marine ecosystems. Additionally, chemosynthetic symbionts are kind of bacteria those live inside or on the surface of animals. These bacteria also provide food to their host animals, explained the scientists.

The scientists added that these newly found bacteria fix carbon and convert it into natural forms. Similarly, Chemosynthetic bacteria convert motionless nitrogen gas into bio-available forms. Furthermore, the Scientists are still working on the research to check the reliability of the studied factors.