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High Quality Graphene Produced Using Microwaves

Engineers from Rutgers University have discovered a new easy way to produce best- quality graphene. Graphene has its origin from granite which is a carbon based material. This material is used by students and teachers for generations in the form of a pencil.


This graphene has been created with the help of an oven which can be helpful for next generation electronic devices.

Professor and director of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in Rutgers' School of Engineering, Manish Chhowalla stated that "This simple microwave treatment leads to exceptionally high quality graphene with properties approaching those in pristine graphene."


Graphene is a compound of graphite, measured as 100 times tougher than steel and is the good conductor of electricity as compare to copper. Apart from this graphene rapidly squander heat which makes it useful for many applications.


Some application requires a high- scale of production of graphene which are printable electronics, electrodes for batteries and catalysts for fuel cells.