History of Atmospheric Oxygen

The researchers from Princeton University have revealed certain decline in the level of oxygen. The analysts have compiled data of 30 years that have shown a dip in oxygen level by 0.7 percent. The scientists have claimed that the burning of fossil fuels is the reason behind the disappearance of oxygen from the environment.

 Burning fossils consume oxygen while producing carbon dioxide as per the researchers. Records have shown various changes in the climate and reduction in the level of oxygen over 800,000 years.

 The analysts have added that the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide has not been signified so far. However carbon dioxide impact does vary over individual ice age cycle. To clarify the visible classic theory, the scientists have explained a connection between total carbon cycle, atmospheric carbon dioxide and Earth's temperature.


According to the scientists the planet has several ways that can count the level of carbon dioxide for instance Silicate Weathering. In the process of silicate weathering the carbon dioxide reacts with uncovered rock. The reaction produces calcium carbonate minerals and traps the dioxide in a rock-hard form, stated the scientists. The scientists said that the record found shows an essential level for the study of the history of atmospheric oxygen.