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Honey Bees Know Which Nutrients the Colony Needs

A team of scientists from the Tufts University did a study on honey bees to provide potential useful insight in support of increased health of the bees’ population. While shedding the light on limited research on the micronutrient requirements of honey bees the scientists came to know about some really important facts about bees’ population.

As per the research the population of bees’ has declined rapidly in recent years for a variety of complex reasons. The scientists have claimed that regardless of few taste genes, honey bees seek out essential nutrients based on floral resources.

Additionally, the scientists have suggested that beekeepers can provide opportunities for their bees to access specific nutrients through a natural mineral lick. The initiative not only helps bees to search their food but also support their balanced health, said the scientists.

Moreover, it is also an opportunity for the general public to support the bees’ population by planting a diverse range of flowers that bloom throughout the year, said the scientists.






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