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Horses Transmits Diseases Too

Horses have been associated with humans since a very long period of time. Even though hardly do we  get a disease from them yet sometimes there is a possibility to have it so. Some of the diseases that we can obtain from them include:


Rabies - Although only 40-50 horses get affected by rabies every year, yet it is very difficult to diagnose it at the right time. It is transmitted into humans through its Saliva that can enter into the body even through a small cut.


Glanders - This disease is caused by burkholderia mallei bacteria and makes it dangerous to the animals like horses, donkeys and mules and humans too. It is communicated through nasal discharge that contains airborne bacteria. It is suggested to put a mask while being with these animals.

Brucellosis - Brucellosis is a very dangerous bacterium that may cause abortion in mares and if handled bare-handed, the aborted fetus can infect the person easily.

Anthrax - Highly infectious spore causes anthrax that can pass to humans through a contact with the infected animal or inhaling the airborne spore.

Encephalomyelitis - This disease has the symptoms of flu and it affects our central nervous system. It transmits by coming in contact with infected blood and cerebrospinal fluid.

Ringworm - It is also a fungal infection that can be transmitted through horses.

Hendra Virus - This virus causes neurological and respiratory diseases that ultimately lead to death.

It is suggested to take all precautionary measures to avoid transmission of these diseases while being in company with horses.

By- Anita Aishvarya