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Hospital in Ahmedabad Celebrates the Birth of a Girl Child

Looking at the alarming ratio of 890 girls per 1,000 boys, Sindhu Hospital in Ahmedabad launched an initiative last month, to not charge any delivery fee for the birth of a girl child.
In addition to not asking for the delivery charges, the hospital will refund the registration amount of Rs.1,100 if a girl is born. It will also throw a small party for the couple and the relatives, in which they would cut a cake and serve few snacks.
“For years, we observed that majority of women who got admitted for delivery hoped and prayed for a boy. Sweets would be distributed on birth of a male child but a girl's arrival would be met with stoic acceptance. The trust decided it was time to celebrate arrival of a daughter,” said Mahadev Lohana, Managing Director of Sindhu Hospital.
The initiative is an addition to the previous methods adopted by other hospitals and doctors of the state to save the girl child.

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