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How To Send Files Wirelessly On Different Phones

If you want to share a file, email or uploading it on social media always looks like an easy option. But, it is not a secure connection anymore. Therefore, here are some ways to transfer your file through direct device to device connection on different operating system.

 For Apple Phones: AirDrop is the best way to connect to your other apple devices. This type of connection relies on Bluetooth for establishing the connection and Wifi to handle the data transfer. You don't need to connect to an actual Wifi network but you need to switch it on. The best part of the sharing is its anonymous - which means you don't need recipient's email address or phone number for sending a file.

 For Android Phones: Best ways to send a file from Android is to do via Bluetooth or NFC (near field communication). Bluetooth can transfer a file 5 times faster than NFC and it works with greatest distances. But, with NFC sharing is easier because you don't have to pair the devices, you simply tap them together. NFC is definitely a better option for smaller files.

 For Windows:Windows devices also send files best via a Bluetooth connection. The data over a Windows device can be share by Bluetooth with both the Windows devices and the Android devices but Apple devices will not accept Bluetooth transfers.


By: Neha Maheshwari