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Hybrid Species of Manakins Found in the Amazon

A very rare hybrid, yellow-headed manakin has been found in the South Amazon Rainforest. It was found that the Hybrid manakins were first emerged in 180,000 years ago. This specie emerged so early because of the geographical isolation. Jason Weir who is the senior author of the study has said that hybrids were not found in the nearby places where the parental species meets.

What is hybridization?

The process of combining different varieties of organisms to create a hybrid. This process is mainly done to make the species longer and give better result. This process is mainly done on the plants and some animals like cows.

To get this kind of manakin the 20% mix of snowy-manakin and 80% of opal manakin specimens are taken; mixer of dull white and grey gives the yellow colour to the upper body and golden undersides, so, hybrid are easily visible and attacks female manakin. That is why this hybrid manakin is such an unusual bird. But the hybrids don’t get much acceptance by their parents and they don’t get mixed with them. The area where this bird was found is where it separates the parental species from the hybrid ones by wide rivers which acts as a nature barriers between them.

By: Srishti Sharma