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Identity Of Bihar “Madhubani Art”

Madhubani art is one of the famous art forms of Indian cultures. It is seriously practiced in Mithila Region of Bihar and Nepal. It is called Madhubani art, often characterized by geometrical pattern, these art often represents the ritual occasions, including festivals, rituals etc. The colour used in Madhubani painting is usually from plants and other natural sources. These colours are very bright and pigment like lampback and ochre are used to create black and brown respectively.

Instead of brushes, objects like twigs and matchsticks and even fingers are used to create paintings.


History and Evolution:

Madhubani is commonly practiced in Mithila Region of Bihar. Some of the references we found in the Hindu epic Ramayana when king Janaka (father of Goddess Sita) asked his painter to paint Madhubani art for his daughter’s wedding. The knowledge was passed on from generation to generation and painting began to be practiced in the houses of region.

The women practiced this art on the walls of their homes. Their painting often illustrates their thoughts, ideas and dreams.


Lately, Madhubani became the part of the festivals and special events like weddings. Slowly this art attracted connoisseurs of art as many contemporary artists have taken the art to the global level. The traditions based of plastered mud walls were soon replaced by handmade paper, cloth and canvas. The paintings have been confined to the limited geographical range, the theme as well as the style.


Design & Style:


Madhubani art is practiced by different set of people and hence painting is characterized into five different styles such as tantrik, Khobar, Bharni, Godna, Katchhi. But in today’s world these five different styles have been emerged by the contemporary artists. The main theme used in these painting often revolves around the Hindu deities like Krishna, Rama, Laxmi , Shiva, Durga and Saraswati and heavenly bodies like sun and moon are often centered of Madhubani Painting.

Once can also find the painting based on the scene from royal courts and social events like wedding. In Madhubani geometrical patterns are pretty much apparent in these paintings. The fact that these mathematical patterns are used in Madhubani painting makes them more intriguing and special.

Madhubani paintings are also known for their simplicity, for the brush and colour used are often derived from natural colour, painting are largely made using powered rice, colour derived from turmeric, pollen, pigments, indigo, various flowers, sandalwood and various others from plants and trees etc.


By: Lakshender S Angras

Content: www.culturalindia.net/indian-art/paintings/madhubani.html