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Importance of New Year’s Eve

New Year is celebrated on 31st December every year by people across the world with a great enthusiasm and energy. Since the time it is celebrated you will come to think the basic purpose before it, as what is important before celebrating New Year? It is termed as the time we changeover from one year to the next new year with a new beginning. Some people think that there is no big deal when January comes everything remains same. Like one still needs to wear the shoes on in the morning, brush teeth, bath and begins to work.

One may say that for most people, there is a positive thought or say it represents hope to gets things better and to achieve what they are looking forward to. For some people the year which is about to end might not be fruitful or so great so they expects good things to happen. Like every member of the family, say it the wage earner of the family known to be the prime head did not achieve the expectations they have hoped for. Like sometimes people bear sickness or any kind of misfortune so people expects to things getting better in the coming time. New Year works like a new time or new expectations that will bring with it the new energy to the family so as to get over the misfortune and grow further to achieve happiness. The new positivity makes it possible with the New Year which enables the family to work with the new spirit so as to achieve a sense of happiness which was not there in the year ending. But it brings joy at the home may it be temporary but the feeling of a new staring is just great sometimes to get over the bad things. Sometimes the occurrences come out to be rare rather things carry to contemplate as and when you are looking forward to this new start on the New Year eve. While some celebrates an expensive New Year but only if one lets it. As the rush increases most of the restaurants just double or triple the price of a meal when the customers hit to dine at the restaurant to increase the business. There are festivals and fancy lights around the streets and people looks in new energy to welcome the new year on the occasion and various party events can be notices arranged by the clubs and hotels around the city.

By: Anuja Arora

Content: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/how-risky-is-it-really/201312/why-we-really-celebrate-new-years-day