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India In Race To Beat Plastic

Plastic is a deep rooted cancer that needs to be cured in almost every part of the world. Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic products in the environment that greatly effect on wildlife, wildlife habitat and human life as well.

India went under to commit elimination of plastic from the country by 2022. In today’s era India is one of the fastest growing economy and by this unprecedented ambitious move against disposable plastic, the move will drastically stem the flow of plastic from approx 1.3 billion people and business. Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a global movement to defeat single-use plastics, as India’s rapid economic development can be done in a way that is both sustainable and green. Modi said “It is the duty of each one of us, to ensure that the quest for material prosperity does not compromise our environment, the choices that we make today, will define our collective future. The choices may not be easy. But through awareness, technology, and a genuine global partnership, I am sure we can make the right choices. Let us all join together to beat plastic pollution and make this planet a better place to live.”  Dr. Harsh Vardhan , Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate change pledged to “ achieve the India of our dreams” announcing that single-use plastic will be banned in all state of India by 2022. Another remarkable step towards a pollution-free India included a partnership between UN Environment and the Indian Board of Control to ‘green cricket’ across the county and a pledge to make 100 national monuments litter-free.

By: Shruti Anand