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Inhaling Nano-particles Can Cause Heart Attack

While taking deep breaths air goes into lungs but some nanoparticles gets involved with the blood and that blood goes into the heart. Here the nanoparticles release the drugs. The process becomes progressively worse which can harm the heart and can cause heart attack.

So, when researcher researched about the drug for the experiment they used animals to get the perfect result on it. They gave this drug to mice whose hearts was deliberately injured to imitate heart failure. What they noticed that in the left ventricle (chamber of the heart) the blood ejection in every heartbeat is 17 % lower than other normal mice.  When the same experiment was done on ten mice, they were given these nanoparticles spray, this increased the average of 15% points. Michele Mirogoli from the University of Parma said that it can recover almost completely, though control treatments don’t have the same effects. These nanoparticles are made up of calcium phosphate and natural mineral that lavishes in the bone. So, this drug can help in recovering the calcium deficiency on the surface of the heart cells, which usually helps electricity to maintain the normal heart beats.

By: Srishti Sharma