Intel’s New Initiative in the Education Sector

One of the most important sectors in India that requires improvement is the Education Sector. One such initiative has been taken by Intel. Intel has brought some of the most cutting-edge technology to schools and museums across the country with the “Intel Tech Learning Lab”. This initiative by Intel will help in preparing the students to be able to work in the modern workplaces. This shall also improve and bring about betterment in the field of learning.

This lab will put forth the latest in cutting-edge educational technology. Let us know more about this lab. This lab is a custom-built mobile container truck. It has been outfitted with virtual reality demo stations, powerful PCs, augmented reality, and IoT (Internet of Things) smart whiteboards. A multi-city tour is providing hands-on technology workshops so that students, educators, and administrators can experience the possibilities for tomorrow’s classrooms. In this way Intel is offering the most equipped, modern and world class teaching methods and techniques to the teachers and educators that will eventually prove beneficial for the young minds of the modern times. The highly technically advanced lab shall help in inculcating skills in students such as communication, collaboration, self-awareness, problem-solving, and critical thinking. The lab shall carry the schools in the new age of education. The demo sessions that will be a part of the tour shall include coding, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and design thinking and life skills. The participants will be able to take a virtual field trip to the Smithsonian Institution or they can also develop virtual robots. One of the sessions involves the use of virtual reality headsets. The space lesson is part of a science curriculum unit that allows students to virtually pilot a spaceship and travel the universe to explore the Milky Way galaxy, a black hole, a comet, and more. There is another session which allows participants to engage themselves into virtual frog dissections, providing “a safer, cost-effective, and more humane anatomy lesson,” according to Intel. Even those teachers and educators who are least familiar with technology and virtual classes can also easily make use of this. Intel strongly believes that Intel believes that its Tech Learning Lab has the capacity to transform education. The lab can become an integral part of curricula around the country. Instead of an add-on to existing instructional methods, the new technology could become an important feature of the modern world - 21st-century classrooms.

By: Anuja Arora