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It Takes Math To Solve Crimes

The three most complicated and interesting areas-mystery, math and science are interwoven in a singular plot of the book “cracking crimes”. It is a book by author R.Sivaraman,  a mathematics professor who have linked the theories of math, science and mystery together. The book is a story about a detective Rudran and his assistant Sophia.

The duo uses various graphical theories, algebra,propositional logic, number theory and other concepts of math to track hidden treasure. Sometimes to crack or recover lost passwords to also to solve a murder mystery or any other mystery.“The journey of Genius” is another book by author R. Sivaraman. In this book the author tried to dispel the fear of numbers and calculations, by compelling the reader to see math in Nature, in science and also in the things one can see or hear. The book generates curiosity in mathematics, logic and reasoning. The book is a two way package, for mathematic lover the people enjoy the theories and logics, whereas the others can enjoy the collection of short investigative stories.The books compel its readers to read more and also it generates curiosity in them of learning about the theories and the logics.

By: Shruti Anand