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Kids, Android Phones and Apps

It feels wonderful to see a three year old using a mobile phone or a tab with élan. The future will be full of new technology, advance gadgets and apps. Children need to be able to learn the new technology as l it is going to be the new order of life. However, parents world over are now concerned about the negative impact of this gadget, app and technology, as children are getting addicted. Gadget addiction is always a risk factor for kids as it affects the mental health of the child. The best way would be to limit the usage and also keep an eye on the different apps that the kids use.

Good news is there are many apps available that can actually help enhance and stimulate a kids mind. An app like ABC Kids introduces a child to learn the alphabets phonetically. It comes free of cost and can be downloaded.

Amazon Free time is a newer app consisting of over 10,000 children books, movies, children shows and many more. There is an option to set age restrictions as well and is a paid service. Color Me is yet another app to keep both kids and adults engaged and is a paid download. Some of the paid apps are Intellijoy Kids App, Youtube Kids etc.

Few free apps that can be downloaded are Google Play Books, Coloring books for creative kids, Kids Doodle, Nick Jr, PBS Kids Video etc. However, kids need to engage in outdoor activities for a balanced growth.


By: Madhuchanda saxena