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Kunjal Parmani Will Represent India In IBO

The International Biology Olympiad 2018 is an event that held every year for the students under the age of 20. IBO was held in 1990 in Czechoslovakia for the first time and only six countries participated at that time. Mumbai hosted the IBO in 2008 and 55 countries took part that year. This year the competition is going to held from July 15 to 22.

The competition will be held in Tehran, Iran. A girl from Bengaluru, Kunjal Parmani has been selected as a representor of India at the 29th edition of the competition. She is among the selected four students who will participate in the competition. Shaswat Jain, StutiKhandwala and Vishwesh M Bharadiya are the other three students from Rajasthan. Parmani is a student of National Public School on Bannerghatta Road. She has performed excellent in all the five competitions of the competition. She has also appeared in the NEET this year for getting admission in medical courses. "I went till the oriental-cum-selection camp round (last qualifier) in 2017 too, but cleared it this time," said Parmani. She wants to become a scientist or a researcher and wants to remain in core biology. She was also the topper in the 11th National Science Olympiad that was conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation.

By: Divya Thakur