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Largest Child Sacrifice Site Found In Peru

Archaeologists in Peru discovered the world’s largest single case of child sacrifice, the place is said to be located near the city of Trujillo, which contains the residue of 200 young Llamas who died on the same day. The name of the site is Las Llamas which includes skeletons of 140 youngsters who were aged between five and fourteen when they were asked to sacrifice on the basis of a ritual ceremony 550 years ago.

Las Llamas was constructed by Chimu Empire and it is believed that the children died due to floods took place by El Nino weather pattern at the Peru coastline. Unearthing began in 2011 at the site where the children were buried and the results were first broadcast by National Geographic which also helped the research financially. It is said that researchers also found footprints which have survived through rain and dissolution. The children’s skeletons consists bruises on their breastbones which were made by a ritualistic knife. The ribcages were dislocated which suggests that whoever conducted the sacrifices was trying to extract the heart of these children. There have been various traditional heritages in America which includes the Maya, the Inca, the Aztec etc who won over the Chimu in late 15th Century, they practised life sacrifices of humaans but the mass death of children is the issue which has been documented.

By: Swati Kaushal