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Magnetic Study: Study on Curve-Motion

You must have observed when a basketball player delivers a ball it goes in one direction. Why does it happen?


The scientists have came up with an answer, they stated that perhaps the whirling motion of the curveball pressurize the air to flow around it at a dissimilar motions which cause the ball to ‘break’ in one direction.


The scientists from Department of Energy (DEO’s) Argonne National Laboratory, US have analyzed that a magnetic skyrmions do get break by a functional current. Skyrmion is a term used for tinny electrically uncharged round pattern along with an increasing magnetic structure. 


The scientists added that even though skyrmions are electrically uncharged pattern but they do have Topolical charge. Topological charge refers to the pattern that cause defection or curve in any object, according to the researchers.


The curve of the direction is dependent on the size of the skyrmion and on amount of current applied said scientist, Argonne physicist Suzanne te Velthuis. While revealing the fact about skyrmion, the scientist also added that motion of the skyrmion can be manipulated easily.