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Mass Fishing Indicate Neolithic Age Signs

The scientists from a Sweden-based University have discovered new and well protected Neolithic age sites deep in the ocean. As per the researchers, six-year-old findings have been re-evaluated by them. The re-evaluation shows the oldest stationary fish traps in northern Europe off the coast of southern Sweden.

The scientists stated that the remarkably well-preserved Stone Age site indicates the sign of humans’ existence. Additionally, the site may have been a safe surrounding for Mesolithic humans lived during parts of the year, said the scientists.

Along with the location, the divers also found a 9,000-year-old pick axe made out of elk antlers, when they dived deep into the ocean, six years back. Now the scientists are working on the project further to map the location according to its old appearance. In an interview, the scientists stated that they want to understand the area, about its weather and about the changes that happened in undersea-life.