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Microbes on International Space Station

The scientists from NASA are preparing to study the micro bacterium that people have left behind on the international Space Centre to comprehend the control on the microbial environment in potential human exploration aircraft.


The researchers stated that, some bacterium live inside the human body however others are outside the body. According to the analysts these microbes can be helpful for better knowledge of how to control the microbial atmosphere in future human examination spaceship.


The research was conducted by NASA and the non profit Alfred P Sloan Foundation.

The scientists are focusing on the nature of these microbes which are brought by humans and left behind.


This study showed that gradually these collective microbes makes their own community and enters inside human made atmosphere such as International Space Station.


After entering inside the human made environment these microbes start developing their microbial environment also known as the Microbiome of built atmosphere. The recent study will examine the nature of tiny bacterium which will help the scientists to understand the nature of bacterium.


For the study scientist will analyze every possible aspect, as they are studying on every microbes they have found so far across the space stations.


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