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Microsoft To Get A Makeover

The Outlook team introduced a multitude of new Outlook features for Windows, Mac, on the web and on mobile devices that are collectively designed to help you better manage your time. Outlook for Windows and operating system for iPhones (iOS) now makes it easier to add a meeting or event location, suggesting previously used rooms and locations and even pinging Bing for help.

On iOS, suggestions take into account your location, the list of attendees, the proposed meeting time of day, traffic updates and more to help book the occasion and make sure you get there on time. Outlook for iOS is also adding support for syncing draft messages, allowing you to start a message on a mobile device and finish it up back at your desk (or vice versa).

Further catering to business users, Outlook now keeps track of events you’ve organized or plan to attend. By keeping tabs on who else is planning to attend, Microsoft says invited attendees can better manage their time and decide if they should attend or let a colleague handle matters. And if you’re dealing with appointments and meetings across multiple time zones, Outlook can now handle that, too.

This feature is already available on Windows,Mac and Android and will be coming to Apple’s mobile platform this month. Other new mobile features including quick reply and favorite people are additionally coming in the near future.


By: Swati Kaushal