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Moon - A Guidance System for Night-Time Navigation

Streetlights are the new generation's night time navigation systems. But, what when we do not have them to our rescue? The answer might sound pretty simple: moon and the stars. Yes, that's right night sky was the saviour only until the clouds did not took over.

There is so much of light coming from street lamps, building etc. on a cloudy night that it is quite easy to walk without any external aid even in the unlit areas. The night becomes a lot darker at the ground level when the sky becomes clear. A situation is completely opposite of what used to be before the streetlights were in place. A cloudy night can be termed as "pitch black," which made it unlike to walk or ride safely. The only way was with the help of the position of the moon or oily torches on poles. The reason why a lot of longcase clocks made for the higher society in the 18th and 19th centuries have prominent dials that helps to make out phases of the moon - something that is now 'thing of the past'. Any long distance traveller would use his timepiece to determine the brightness of the moon. The only disadvantage was the clocks could not forecast the weather. 

By: Neha Maheshwari