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Moral Values Influence Changes in the Climate

The researchers from the Cornell University have revealed a connection between moral values and climate attitudes. As per a new multidisciplinary study, the climate may get influenced by the ethical values. The scientists have suggested that conservatives prefer moral values and believed these values to have a positive effect on the climate.

Previously, other scientists had also done a research based on the link between climate changes and moral values. However this time the students of Cornell University have extended the study to justify the prior facts. The authors of the research have based their study on the moral foundation's theory of Jonathan Haidt. As per the Moral foundation theory, ‘Moral Axes’ exist through which humans build up individual moral logics such as compassion/harming, fairness/cheating and much more.

The previous research has also revealed that faith in climate change was notably linked with increased enthusiasm to act. However, those who were identified as politically conservative, and who were older and male, was less inclined to act, said the analysts.


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