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Most Liked Video Games of 2018

2018 is said to be a worthy year for video games. With the evolution of Xbox and PlayStation 4 becoming the part of lifestyle of people, some of the best games were said to be delivered by the developers of the console generation in 2018. When a renowned developer named ‘Open-world adventure games’ continue to lead the main stream gaming market, it has witnessed an increased audience that had demanded a fresh variety of games along with innovation for classic genres and engaging narratives. We have also notice the evolution in technology at a great pace and virtual reality, 2018 as developing platforms. So it’s like 2018 had no shortage of some of the pretty memorable releases. Some of the best games include:

Monster Hunter World: Monster Hunter, it may not hold a commoner title like "Tomb Raider" or "Super Mario", but includes the action role playing series which includes one of the most popular video game developers based in Japan and now has a healthy fan base across the globe.

Spider-Man: Marvel's Spider-Man came out to be this year's most popular game. It has exclusively been made for PlayStation 4 which takes the cues from an open world action games like "Shadow of Mordor" and "Batman Arkham Knight" and introduced a new series of Spider Man games along with a picture showcasing of Manhattan.

God of War: "God of War" is called as a front runner for Gaming world, facing a hard competition from “Marvel’s Spider-Man", "Red Dead Redemption 2" and "God of War". The reboot of this game evolved the franchise by bringing a new version on storytelling and carrying an entirely new age fighting game. The previous gaming version dictated the story of Kratos's savage journey for revenge against the God of Greek, but now with the introduction of Arteus, his son, who helps to humanize the game's plot and carries a harder level lens to view the protagonist.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: it is the combination of a trilogy that begins with the Tomb Raider’s reboot in 2013. The game introduces a big payoff for the gamers of the new series, introducing the stealth and combat mechanics along with established platform as in its earlier games and covering up overarching stories all around the game.

There are several other addicting games which were liked by the gaming world. Stay tunes to be enlightened in the upcoming stories.

By: Anuja Arora

Content: https://metro.co.uk/2018/12/26/the-12-biggest-video-game-news-stories-of-2018-8275410/