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Mystery of 49,000-Year-Old Cave

The scientists have found tools and bone remains from marsupial were found in a cave high on a cliff in Flinders Ranges, in South Australia. The scientists have challenged the history by declaring the findings to be 49,000 years old.

As per the theories, Aboriginal Australians are the oldest constant civilisation in the world, down from the first people to leave Africa. Currently, the archaeologists are searching the exact time of arrival of the first Australians. Additionally the general agreement showed that first Australians had arrived 50,000 years ago stated the scientists.

Archaeologist Giles Hamm said that the existence of first Australians 49,000 years ago at a site in southern Australia proves the facts that they had reached the northern parts far earlier. Hamm has claimed that there is less possibility of early Australians to move so far in southern.  Many other human remains have also discovered that the ancient people used to interact with mega fauna.