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New Era of Animal Coloration Research

Have you ever wondered how Biology of color works in animals? Well, researchers have given this a fait bit of thought. According to the researchers the field of animal coloration has gone through massive expansion. These expansions have been possible because of the technological progression but, now the research stands on the verge of a new era.

Researchers have acknowledged that organisms other than humans perceive the world in a different way. Researchers have comprehended the systems of fundamental color production and how studies of function have evolved. The geographic scales where exact color measurements were collected are also throwing light on the dynamics of the developmental process.

Tim Caro the author, who has written the review article, stated “We can now pose questions about the evolution of camouflage based on what a prey’s main predator can see. We can start to appreciate that gene changes underlying color production have occurred in parallel in unrelated species”. He further stated that “Knowledge of production and perception and function of coloration is poised to make contributions to medicine, security, clothing and the military”.

By: Shradha Agarwal