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New Guidelines to Fight Earthquake’s Harmful Effects

According to the numerical analysis, soil dissipation is the result of surface and guided waves.

The researchers have designed new guidelines to reduce effects of earthquake.

A team of researchers has made a seismic shield which includes a large scale metamaterials (artificial structures that exhibit extraordinary vibrational properties).

A study (performed in Europe) has also stated that a large- scale matamaterials can reduce the seismic shocks as well as can protect a large area.

Europe based study has accepted that many models plays an essential role to implement the seismic shield created by the numerical analysts which involves simple steps such as digging 2-3 rows of equally spaced cross-shaped cavities in the ground.

There is also increase in the number of smaller cylindrical cavities measuring 2m in diameter. Decreasing the size of array can also be effective to reduce the trouble created by high frequency positions.

‘Marco Miniaci’ from ‘Torino and le Havre University’ said, “The exact dimensions will depend on the soil type and the frequency range of the shield”.

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