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New Innovative Algorithm for Multi-Robot Tasks

The Governor of the Bank of England predicts that up to half of British workforce face redundancy in the imminent 'second machine age'. According to a leading American roboticist Ken Goldberg, people are engrossed with robots because robots reflect people.

There is hardly anything that defines humans better than their ability to communicate. To improve the future robot the developers are planning to program language processing and machine learning that allows robots to display more and more complex communication abilities. 

The new programming solutions can significantly reduce the problems of different origins such as mechanical design, sensing technologies, maintenance and power sources. With improved efficiency and the elimination of a single point of failure, multiple robots outperform single robots in domains.

This single robot requires greater capacity and knowledge and can duly interact with each other for sharing information as well as for executing tasks. Moreover, the implementation of an innovative algorithm can expand communicational capabilities for the multi-robot collaborative task, said the developers.

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