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New Millipede Species, Declared Leggiest Animal on the Planet

The scientists have revealed a new species of millipede that possesses more than 400 legs. The scientists have named it Illacme tobini these were discovered by biologist Ben Tobin of the United States National Park Service, California. Illacme tobinin was hidden inside the marble caves of the Sequoia National Park in California, said the scientists.

Paul Marek, the lead author of the study from Virginia Tech, stated that this is the second species of the leggiest animal on the planet. Furthermore it was found just dwelling 150 miles from the marble caves, said the author. The millipede which has 750 legs was first discovered in Silicon Valley in 2012. The plenipes is considered a close family member of this newly found species.

The scientists explained that this newly found species has 200 poison glands, silk secreting hairs as well as 4 penises. The scientists have observed that these creatures develop many legs to adapt to the environment. As they spend a lot of time excavating and digging into the soil many boulders have found as their habitat, added the scientists.