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New Reptile Species Found by Scientists

A team of scientists have revealed a multi-colored snake, small frog and dragon horn lizard as new species among 150 new species. The scientists have found these new creatures in the ecologically diverse Mekong region. As per the scientists, Mekong River comes all the way crossing the Tibetan plateau through the mountains and jungles of Southeast Asia. Additionally, the Mekong River helps sustain one of the most diverse regions on the planet.

After an identification process where the scientists highlight how much more there is to learn about the region, the scientists declare new species, every year. However, the scientists have claimed that there are fears of the disappearance of many species before even being discovered in an area of the world.

The scientists have suggested that Mekong region has unbelievable diversity of species that continue to be discovered. Furthermore, the diversity of species makes the Mekong an ultimate region for research, said the scientists.

Content Source: Hindustan Times

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