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New Tech Tools in Market to Win Children

It has been found that from smartphones to computers for classrooms, the technology has somehow paved their paths into childhoods to create lifelong bonds. This has been raising hackles of advocacy groups. In USA, a version of Messenger mobile application for children lesser than age of 12 has debuted this month. It has been known that it is the first time when social network Facebook has entered into a sensitive market.

Messenger Kids which is a new launch from California – based Facebook complies with the regulations that protect the children online and offers more safeguards for youngsters. Facebook said that the new app focusses at six to twelve year olds and does not allow children to connect with anyone without the permission of parents. The app is free of ads or in-app purchases. Messenger Kids has been rolled out for Apple iOS mobile devices in the USA. It is on a test basis as a standalone video chat and messaging app.

By: Bhavna Sharma