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News for Foodie Patients

The Ceres Community Project, it’s a group of people that prepares healthy and nutritious meals for cancer patients by the teenage second chefs. Its approach is “food as medicine” and is increasingly embraced by the Physicians, health insurers, public health officials and researchers as well.

The group is now participating in an ambitious study that will be funded by the state for testing that the daily nutritious food will affect the prognosis of chronically ill and low-income people. Diana Van Ry is a retired judicial assistant, on a foggy afternoon she delivered the meal to Brandi Dornan, 46 who is recuperating from breast cancer. “It’s food I wouldn’t have thought to make myself,” said Dornan. She started getting the meals during her radiation therapy and is grateful for receiving such help. Diana was dropped by the boisterous kitchens of a nonprofit group. The meal she provides usually contains rock cod, cauliflower couscous and an “immune broth” enriched with vegetables and seaweed. “When you feel terrible, managing your diet falls to the bottom of your list,” said Karen Pearl, the president and chief executive of God’s Love We Deliver. The organization “God’s Love We Deliver” in New York city and “Project Open Hand” in San Francisco sprang up to bolster the health of people whose lives were being decimated.

By: Shruti Anand