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NITI Aayog Working Towards Methods To Reform Education Using IT Practices

NITI Aayog - government think tank is working towards bridging the gaps in the education sector. They are adopting some of the most common technological methods like Whatsapp course, teachers App and Management Information systems such as Rajasthan's ShaalaDarpan in various states. The think tank is closely evaluating them so as to refine education system and improve learning outcomes. They are welcoming ideas from different parts of the country.


These practices are currently used by state governments of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan. These initiatives are done in the hope to solve the existing gaps in learning outcomes, as underscored by the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) reports.


With the formation of new government, NITI Aayog and Human Resource Development Ministry, will be diffusing these IT related practices.


What is on the think tank's table?


One of the top choices would be "TeacherApp", currently implemented by Himachal Pradesh government. The app provides byte-sized content for easy consumption by teachers. Another feature is different courses provided as 'courses of the month', which teachers have to complete each month.


The next choice is ShikshaSaathi app used by block officials to track schools and identify problems and challenges using capturing evidence. This will have a direct influence on student learning outcomes. Whatsapp has deeply infiltrated our communication channels and 40,000 teachers are using it to connect to state's headquarters, said a note shared by Samagra, a government consulting firm that collaborated with Michael and Susan Dell Foundation and the state government on some of these programmes.


Another app is ShaalaDarpan, used by Adarsh schools of Rajasthan to capture data from schools across states.


Data and Dashboard


Andhra Pradesh Government has a publicly available dashboard in place to help teachers customise their teaching approach depending on the needs of individual students.


Haryana Government uses SakshamAdhyapak to upload data on competencies and skills of each student to cater to their individual needs.


Himachal Pradesh Government has created an assessment dashboard that captures student data and makes it publicly available. The data is then reviewed and monitored at state, district and block levels.


These states and others have invested in obtaining data of good quality to spot faulty lines in the education system. The data was created by regular competency assessments and aggregated report cards. The state has provided MIS dashboards to analyse and evaluate performance.