Oldest Vocal Organ Proved Singing Inability of Dinosaurs

The researchers have revealed the singing incompetence of dinosaurs through an oldest vocal organ of a bird. The vocal organ has found in an Antarctic fossil. According to the analysts the fossil belongs to duck or geese that lived the age of dinosaurs.


The scientists have named this Mesozoic Era vocal organ as syrinx. As per the discovery, the scientists have observed that syrinx were not present in non-avian dinosaur fossil. Moreover the findings showed that the organ may have developed late in the evolution of birds.


Since the evaluation started so late, other dinosaurs may not have been able to make noises similar to the bird calls as per the scientists. It is believed by the scientists that there is a connection between birds and dinosaurs. Additionally the birds are considered as living dinosaurs by the analysts.


The scientists have claimed that this study is helpful to solve the mystery of animal’s vocal organ. Currently the scientists are trying to find out that why these kinds of organs are absent in non bird dinosaurs or crocodile.


The researchers are also considering this study as an important step to figure out the sounds, being produced by the dinosaurs.