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Planet Nine can be Fatal for the Solar System

A new study shows existence of planet nine can be fatal for the solar system. According to Dr. Dimitri Veras from Department of Physics has discovered the existence of planet nine. Planet nine known as the hypothetical planet exists in the outer solar system.


Scientists have also claimed existent of the planet could cause the elimination of at least one of the huge planets after death of the sun. Seven billion years is the estimated time of sun’s death by the analysts.


With the death of sun the earth will also be converted into an ember known as white dwarf and will be destroyed on its own. The mass ejection from solar system will push Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune from assumed-safe distance. However planet nine might not be pushed out in the same way.


Several positions have been mapped by the scientists. It shows that planet nine can create various changes in the solar system. Planet nine which is known as a massive planet than any other planet can be more dangerous for the solar system because of its size.