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Plogging: The New Eco-Friendly Trend

Plogging is the new Trend that started in 2016 by Erik Ahlstrom. It is a new International Workout Trend that has made possible to be fit and healthy and also clean the environment at the same time.

Plogging is combination of Jogging and the Swedish word for pickup that is ‘plocka upp’. It was initiated in Sweden and thereafter went global, gained high popularity amongst environmentalists and fitness enthusiasts alike. The groups of people around the world are picking up trash while running out. Erik Ahlstrom after moving from a small ski-community in Northern Sweden became frustrated by the amount of litter and garbage around while riding his bike to work every day. He said: “I was shocked by the amount of junk there was in nature, The same garbage remain in the road for several weeks without anyone picking it up, so I started picking it up. "It felt good in my heart to clean up even a small place” Erik says.  As compared, thirty minutes of regular jogging burns 235 calories whereas Plogging burns 288 calories in the same time. Besides the obvious environmental benefits, the extra movements in plogging makes it healthier in comparison to simply running. Plogging is as simple as running or jogging but it has an additional benefit that is cleansing the environment. . “Everyone is allowed to do it how they want to, Anything works. The most important thing is that waste is being taken out of nature” Ahlstrom says.

By: Shruti Anand