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Pope Declared Mother Teresa a Saint

Mother Teresa is declared a saint by Pope Francis at Vatican on 4th September, 2016.  For many poor and needy whom mother Teresa served, the nun was a living saint. The tiny nun in a white and blue sari was a symbol of kindness and love.

Mother taught in Loreto, St. Mary’s school, Calcutta. She used to take the dying people from the streets of the city of Calcutta to her home. Newborn babies who were abandoned in Calcutta or in some other town’s pavement were taken to orphanages which cared for them.

Mother Teresa was a gift of God to India. The state presented her with highest civilian honor ‘Bharat Ratan’ in 1980. Mother died in 1997 in Calcutta. Two apparent cures of sick people which were called miracles happened after her death. These miracles have attributed to her intercession.

These cures of the sick cannot be explained medically and sick were healed after praying to the Mother. She is known for her mercy works throughout the world.  “In the history of sainthood and that of Christianity, she is the first saint of Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and of course of Christians” a member of the Church stated.

Ten thousand pilgrims attended the canonization ceremony in St. Peter’s Square at Vatican. 13 heads of state and government also attended the ceremony.