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Pre-Test Anxiety

Pre-Test anxiety has been a common trend in students. Even after studying hard the entire year, when the night before exam arrives, the student tends to go all worried and tensed.

It is normal to feel a bit tensed before an exam. It may help you being alert and active while doing the test. But not everyone experiences such positive exam anxiety. Many a times the nervousness is very strong and interferes with your focus. Such type of performance anxiety can lead to bad results which may escalate the issue.

To tackle these problems students can try studying smartly and using memorizing techniques. Thinking of the pre-test tension as a charge up can result in getting good grades. If the anxiety is consistent and does not lessen quickly, a student can try using calming techniques. This may include soft music, meditation, yoga etc.

Self-anxiety has often lead students to become so test-phobic that their results start degrading. Parents need to make sure that the child is calm and composed before a test. Instead of reprimanding the child, they should try and encourage him to do well in the test. Self-anxiety is a positive phase until it crosses limits.