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Pressure Horns, Vehicles Without Silencers to Pay Fine of Up to Rs. 7000

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has decided to fine vehicles not having silencers or those using pressure horns for causing noise pollution. They will have to pay environment compensation charge of Rs. 5000. A Delhi transport department lawyer said that there will be an additional fine of Rs. 2000 for those who make any alterations in the vehicles.
“Undue and unhindered use of horns by drivers and pressure horns by trucks is a major source of serious noise pollution in Delhi. It is adversely affecting the noise level in Delhi. All authorities need to pay attention to this aspect before noise levels go to the extent which is irreparable. People remove silencers from their high-end cars in the name of fashion,” Swatanter Kumar, Chairperson of NGT said.
The NGT had passed an order banning the use of pressure horns in Delhi on Monday, July 18. It had constituted a committee comprising officials from the Environment Ministry, Delhi Government, the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, and the Delhi Development Authority.
The panel ordered the traffic police to deposit the environment compensation in a separate account.