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Psychology Student and Teachers Will Get Trained On Clinical Psychology

Due to the shortage of clinical psychologists in the state, the state government on Tuesday directed UP Chief Medical Officers (CMO’s) to ask the psychology social workers to regularly visit the psychology department of the colleges in their respective district and train the students and teachers on clinical psychology. They have also been ordered to keep contact numbers of students. Officials said that this training will help them to diagnose mental disorders like depression, mania, mood disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and more. Personality judgment and IQ tests on students and provide counseling for drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco control, HIV and marital discord can also be conducted afterwards.  

Officials ordered clinical psychologists to pay at least one visit a week to colleges and try to make maximum number of visits in the month. They have been told to maintain a record regarding the contact numbers of students.

Dr. Sushil Pandey, UP mental health nodal officer issued this order on Tuesday. He told in an interview that “Under the National Mental Health Programme, clinical psychologists have to visit at least one college for training students and teachers of the psychology department. Only a few colleges in the state offer post-graduate course in clinical psychology while a majority of educational institutes give a post-graduate degree in psychology. The students of psychology currently lack proper information and if they are given proper training on identifying mental illness and counseling of patients, they can be an asset for us.’’

By: Divya Thakur