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PUBG With Never Before Features

PUBG is one of the most loved games these days. Youngsters are simply crazy for the game to next level. Lately, PUBG Mobile introduced the beta version of its latest update v0.12.0. At present, Tencent has started rolling out the final update to the mind-blowing game. The latest update has come up with a lot of surprises for the game lovers. It has introduced various new features and weapons to the game such as new zombie mode, new weapon and many more. As per the update patch notes, the Zombie Event mode has been replaced by a new mode referred to as EvoGround mode.

The mode presently has two Zombie maps -- Zombie: Darkest night and Zombie: Survive Till Dawn 2. The team has planned to introduce more maps for the mode but the players will have to wait for some time for the same. At present the players can play only the two Zombie maps available in the multiplayer experience and Third-Person Perspective (TPP). In the zombie mode, the players are pitted against zombies for almost a night and all those teams that remain alive till dawn shall win the match. The players will now have to make a strategy in order to win the game. A lot of changes have also been introduced in the existing gameplay. The mode now gets new zombies that can jump known as ‘jumping zombies’ and zombie dogs. Some zombies have the capability of even climbing over low walls or onto roofs. Other than this, a new liquid nitrogen grenade has also been introduced. This liquid can freeze the enemies and reduce the speed of their movement. The stun grenade can now even stun zombies. Apart from these, the other major improvements include the flamethrower dealing more damage to zombies than before and also the M134 mini-gun offering better handling. Another new feature allows the players to keep a track of their activities of their friends. They can also check the stats and other information while spectating. This mode is also capable of showing the total number of spectators observing the gameplay. The users can also customize the crosshair colour for the red dot, holographic and 2X/3X scopes. There’s a new Popularity feature added to Spaces that permits the players to show their support by giving likes to each other and become partners and boost up the Synergy.

By: Anuja Arora