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Ramzan Buffet At Nizamuddin Dargah Is A Must See This Season

The tiled floor of the Dargah has got a new pattern. Hundreds of paper plates have been spread out like a carpet. Each plate is neatly arranged with some papayas, pakode, melons, jalebi and one big samosa. This is the women's side of Jamat Khana Mosque in Sufi shrine of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. Preparations are in full swing for one of the afternoons of Ramzan, holy Islamic month of fasting that commemorates the month when Prophet Muhammad received the Quran from heaven and revealed it to the world.


The portions of the meal are served in the courtyard just outside of the Dargah. A large number of people gather down to break their fast together. During the preparations, the hall looks more like a makeshift dining area with a number of rusty almirahs lined up beside the walls. A khadim, who is considered as the shrine's hereditary caretaker, is looking over all the preparations while some young women and men are diligently working for the buffet.


A lot of men, women, travellers and people from a lot of states gather together to attend this famous event or qawwalis at the Nizamuddin's shrine. A lot of them arrive and come across during the holy month of Ramadan just to cherish the site of people who jointly break their fast through the giant feast in the courtyard.


Neha Maheshwari