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Reasons Behind Earthquake Occurrence

Many of us have seen fatal effects of earthquake such as devastated homes, activated tsunamis as these effects are often sever and highly visible. But have you analyzed what is the real reason behind strong earthquakes?


Scientists at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and the University of Utrecht (NL) have come up with some answers. With the help of a research the scientists have proved that Calcareous Sediments are the more possible ground for earthquake.


The scientists have found the reason behind occurrence of earthquake. Analysts conducted the research and named it Costa Rica Seismogenesis Project (CRISP).

The CRISP project was aimed to get more information about the subduction-process by using drills.


A scientist explained that the pressure that occurs in the interior of the earth because of the movement of tectonic plates is the base of earthquake. In fact the researchers have added that the first breakage of an earthquake happened through Calcareous Sediments under specific conditions.


Several major earthquakes start with a small crack in the plate that develops a huge fracture inside the rock. It has also been found by the scientists that earthquakes significantly take place in clay-rich grounds.  As these clay rich grounds are technically weak to bear strong earthquakes added the researchers.