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Recent Trends In The Indian Education System

As the world is progressing there are numerous changes that are taking place each day in the field of education. Gone are those days when education was only restricted to books and blackboard. In the modern day, keeping in mind the needs of the children a large number of recent trends have been incorporated in the field of education.

Today's classrooms are way more modern and tech friendly. Recent developments have indeed proved to be extremely helpful in keeping pace with the modern development and the needs of the future. A child is a pure soul. The first step in the field of education for a child must start at his or her home. The basic values and knowledge that are incorporated through education at home is unmatchable with the education in school. After receiving education at home, when a child starts going to school, he is better prepared for perceiving the knowledge that is imparted there. As per the recent studies, a major part of a child's brain develops before he attains the age of 5. This is the time when the child learns to crawl, talk and learns new words. When a child goes to the preschool, it is his first common interaction with the outside society. These days the schools have adopted various different ways of imparting basic education. The classrooms are colourful, there are modern teaching aids like projectors that makes it easy for the children and helps them to learn new things, the play way. For example: earlier the teachers used to make use of coloured papers to make children understand the difference between colours, on the contrary these days, teachers use blocks, toys, sand, water etc. to demonstrate different colours to the children. Children are usually asked to assemble toys, read directions and differentiate between currency notes and coins, which makes the child learn in a play way. The present day classrooms do not focus too much upon assessments, exams, homework etc. The modern classrooms focus mainly upon social and moral experiences which helps in better development of the child. With the advancement in technology, new techniques and equipment are used these days in classrooms. These advancements have indeed made it more interesting for the children to learn new things. The schools also lay a lot of emphasis and focus upon extra-curricular activities such as sports, art and craft, best out of waste etc. The schools leave no stone unturned in making the children understand that importance of sports and fitness in their lives. It helps the children to develop a habit of a healthy lifestyle from a very small age.

By: Anuja Arora