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Remains of Last Slave Smuggling has been Traced in Alabama

Smuggling of slaves is not a new thing. History has witnessed so many instances of buying and selling of slaves to one to another place. In one of such instances illegal cargo of slaves was smuggled into the US by slavers.

It was the result of a bet placed between Captain Timothy Meaher and Captain William Foster on successfully defying the law, in 1859. The debris of a boat is discovered on the bank of a river in Alabama during very low tides that revealed charred wood and rusted metal in a river delta and were first spotted by a reporter there. The wreckage is thought to be that of the Clotilda, that was the last vessel to bring African slaves into the US premises. Importing slaves to the US had been declared illegal since 1808; however, Slavery was abolished six years later in 1865. After delivering the illegal human cargo at Mobile Bay in 1859, it is said that the schooner was burnt and sunk in an effort to cover the evidences. The smuggled slaves were assigned to work in many nearby plantations. They and their descendants remained in that area after the abolition of slavery, and named their community as “Africatown.” The place of occurrence matches with the Captain Foster’s account of the incidence. But further excavation is required to verify the findings. If all parts of the incidence match, then it will be an achievement to researchers.

By: Anita Aishvarya