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Rising Greenland Affects Habitat

With the help of a unique research the scientists have observed changes in the climate. The researchers from the National Space Institute at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Space) have studied several changes on the Greenland Ice Sheet.


According to the analysts this new research can be a helping tool to understand the changes in the ice sheet. The study will also answer that how different geologic activities beneath the earth affect the ice that causes the sea level to rise.


The scientists added that this is the first step to study the reason behind the interaction between ice sheets and rocky layers of the earth. The scientists have claimed that, this research improves evaluations of the past and present-day ice depletion by exploring the earth.


While working on the project the scientists have also explained that the ice sheet sits on earth’s top hard crust that in turn balances the softer layer of the rock, known as mantle. The scientist further stated that the melted ice below the ice sheet works similarly as the spring does while compressing it.


The scientists have named the process as postglacial rebound, which shows that only tracking changes in earth's surface elevation cannot be helpful to evaluate changes in the ice sheet.

Geologist Beata Csatho stated that, the scientists should figure out how much of surface elevation change is caused by the rock layer rising.