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Risk For Unrecognised Schools in Tamil Nadu

Education is the basic need of each and every individual. To be educated means to be civilised.  Education inculcates values and culture in an individual and enhances the personality. To impart quality education is one of the most important duties of the government.

The government takes effective steps from time to time in order to ensure that quality education is being imparted across the country. Also, the government is consistent in conducting inspections and audits and punishes those who are at fault. Lately, the Department of school education has issued notices to 366 unrecognised schools all over Tamil Nadu. The notice was issued because these schools had not obtained the mandated certificate of recognition from the state authorities. Alongside, a penalty of Rs. 1 lac has been imposed upon the schools for violating provisions of the Right to Education Act. The department has asked the schools to apply for the certificate of recognition in the next two months. Also, the defaulter schools have to make sure that they do not conduct any more classes in the coming academic year without the certificate. All defaulter schools are either affiliated to CBSE or ICSE board. Majority of the defaulter schools are located in Thiruvallur and Salem districts, which had 33 schools each; on the other hand around 30 schools in Coimbatore, Kancheepuram, Tiruppur have been found to have abrogated the provisions of the act. During the audit, there was absolutely no school in Chennai that was found to be working without recognition. As per Section 18 of the Right to Education Act, no school other than those established, owned or controlled by the appropriate government and local authorities should function without obtaining a certificate of recognition from the competent state authority. As per the RTE, a school that shall comply by all the norms and standards shall only be granted the certificate of recognition. In the case of violation of norms by any school, it shall be subjected to a penalty of Rs. 1 lakh fine.

By: Anuja Arora

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