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Run or Dye - Run With Burst of Colors

Run or Dye is one of the best experiences to cherish with your friends and family that marks fun, friendship and of course, fitness.


What happens at Run or Dye?


The run is inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi (Festival of Color). It provides runners, walkers and all the comfortable speeds that people can become a part at, a chance to experience the excitement of the festival of colors. As the part of the race, participant pass by the new Foam Zone and Four Dye that turns them into a multicolor canvas of fun. When the registration is done, all the participants get a goody bag that has a white shirt, some dye packs, body part and a lot more items to help them get ready for the most colorful run of their lives.


What will happen after the run is complete?


Well, just when you become all saddened by the fact that all the color fun is now over, you will cross the finish line only to be in the middle of a color storm. The festival is not only about running but involves three games as well: Dye War, Dye Anti-Dodge and Dye Blast!


By the end of the day, you will also get to enjoy crowd vs crowd competitions. This ultimate end to the day will help you experience the color like never before. It is really one of the exciting and vibrant races around to enjoy!


By: Neha Maheshwari


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