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Sanskrit in Gujarat

India is a land of various languages. People read, write and speak various languages in various parts of the country like Hindi, Telugu, English, Punjabi, Gujarati and many more. Sanskrit is an ancient language around about 3,500 years old.

It is considered as the primary liturgical language of Hinduism. However in current times, people are less aware of the Sanskrit language and it is less popular these days. On 31 Dec 2018, Monday, Mr. Vijay Rupani, Gujarat Chief Minister, had mentioned that he and his government are interested to introduce ‘Sanskrit Board’ to schools in Gujarat. During the inauguration of a two-day state-level convention of ‘Sanskrita Bharati’, a non-profit entity, at Kolavada in Gandhinagar district, he had declared this. The motive behind bringing Sanskrit to the board is to popularise among all the people and make them aware of the ancient language. In today’s time, Mr. Vijay Rupani, could clearly see the lack of awareness of the ancient language and saw the need for Sanskrit to be given more importance to make people more aware of it. Terming Sanskrit as India’s heritage, he decided to popularise the language. He stressed on to the ‘pseudo-secularists’ of the country who tried to side-line the language. Vijay Rupani said that he can recall that how our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had started ‘Shree Somnath Sanskrit University’ at Veraval town of Gir Somnath district when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. However, it has been announced that the Sanskrit Board will be on the lines of other exam boards like the CBSE and the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. Mr Vijay Rupani, in his speech, alleged that some ‘pseudo secularists’ of the country had tried to side-line the language by projecting it differently. The Chief Minister said that Sanskrit is India’s heritage and requested to the people to save the language and make it popular among people so that most of us are aware of it. It is said that Sanskrit will definitely be more common and popularly known once people in our all the modern areas would be made familiar to it. He said that as per his plan, going forward the Sanskrit Board will be on the same paths as of CBSE and Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. He also assured people listening to his speech that his government is going to build the focus to popularise the language among the masses.

By: Anuja Arora

Content: https://www.timesnownews.com/education/article/gujarat-government-planning-to-introduce-sanskrit-board-vijay-rupani/337030